Resilience for All

World Urban Forum, Poland | TU Delft, Training Event 

30th June, 9 am – 11:45 am

Supriya Krishnan and I are organizing a transdisciplinary workshop titled ‘Resilience for All’ at the UN-Habitat’s World Urban Forum (WUF) to be held in Poland between 26 – 30 June. Established in 2001 by the United Nations, WUF is the premier global conference on sustainable urbanization that examines one of the world’s most pressing issues today: rapid urbanization and its impact on communities, cities, economies, climate change, and policies.

‘Resilience for All’ is the official event selected from TU Delft and brings together nine speakers from the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, and the Faculty of Architecture. The session is officially supported by TU Delft’s Global Urban Lab, TPM’s AI Lab, and TPM’s Center for Urban Science and Policy.

The session is designed as a workshop-style training event to present scientific planning support tools and methods at the intersection of two themes: Equitable Futures and Urban Resilience. The aim is to identify gaps in implementing the latest techniques in decision-making to inform inclusive policies to mitigate urban inequality and build resilience. Session participants will learn from design-driven and data-driven tools and methods applied to real case studies for evidence-based planning to manage resilience and promote equity in spatially explicit ways.

Speakers include Dr. Roberto Rocco, Dr. Claudiu Forgaci, Dr. Carissa Champlin, Dr. Trivik Verma, Dr. Juliana Goncalves, Dr. Ylenia Casali, Mikhail Sirenko, Dr. Nazli Aydin (co-organizer) and Supriya Krishnan (co-organizer).

Session website:

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