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Can green roofs help with stormwater floods?

The short answer would be “not without widespread application” and “not alone”. “ order to reduce the impact of climate change, we need extraordinary measures and big paradigm shifts, rather than small and incremental changes (Hölscher et al., 2018)” In our new paper, we investigated the effect of implementing #greenroofs on reducing stormwater runoff to provide evidence-based…

Resilience for All

World Urban Forum, Poland | TU Delft, Training Event  30th June, 9 am – 11:45 am Supriya Krishnan and I are organizing a transdisciplinary workshop titled ‘Resilience for All’ at the UN-Habitat’s World Urban Forum (WUF) to be held in Poland between 26 – 30 June. Established in 2001 by the United Nations, WUF is…

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